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Leftys Cheesesteaks, Burgers, & Wings

Fast Food Chain Livonia, MI


Leftys Cheesesteaks, Burgers, & Wings


29407 W 6 Mile Rd
Livonia Michigan 48152


(734) 522-0555

Lefty's Cheesesteak, Burgers, & Wings is located in Livonia MI and is a fast food restaurant that serves up hot dogs, burgers, chicken sandwiches, and more. Whether you're a local resident or passing through town, a visit to Lefty's is an experience you won't want to miss.


About Livonia

Livonia is a city in Wayne County, Michigan, United States. A western suburb of Detroit, Livonia is located roughly 20 miles (32.2 km) northwest of downtown Detroit. As of the 2020 census, the city had a population of 95,535. Originally organized as Livonia Township in 1835, it incorporated as a city in 1950. == History == After most members of the indigenous tribes were pushed out of the area, ethnic European-American pioneers from New England and New York settled here.



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Jonas S

Restaurant Livonia, MI

Lefty’s Cheesesteak Hoagies makes a killer hoagie! But that’s not all that they have. They got Corned Beef Sandwiches, Hot Dogs, Coney Dogs, Wings, Burgers, and Salads! Lefty’s does not use lunchmeat beef on their subs. They use genuine Rib Eye Steak, shaved thin, seasoned to perfection, and then it’s grilled with onions and cheese. This review is going to focus on what I ordered. Since this was my first time in, I had to get the namesake Hoagie; the Lefty’s Cheesesteak, in 12 Inches. Lefty’s Cheesesteak has Rib Eye Steak, Grilled Onions, and a blend of White American & Swiss Cheeses. I had mine topped with Spicy Cherry Peppers. For a side, I got an order of Onion Rings. Think BIG onion rings! They were fried in fresh oil, crispy, and well done. No undercooked breading on these rings! The Onion Rings came with a side of Ranch Dressing for dipping. Ketchup was available in packets near the front counter. You can grab as many as you need. For me, Ketchup is a food group, and I like lots of it! We took home a slice of Lefty

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Lisa P

Fast Food Restaurant Livonia, MI

The cheesesteak hoagies are delish esp lefty

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The Hungry Hobo

Fast Food Restaurant Livonia, MI

Ordered Delivery Via UberEats I ordered Corned Beef Special, Cajun Fries, & Side Ranch So as you can’t see, a picture of the fries never made it. Too damn hungry. Anyway. Sandwich was amazing. Juicy corned beef, that grilled bread. I’m always iffy on Thousand Island but the amount in conjunction with the coleslaw was righteous. Cheese melted, nice, good pickle spear, bonus. Was still nice and warm when I received it, beautiful timing folks! Excellent meal, very much appreciated. Will be trying more soon!

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Danielle Steeby


First time trying this place since we got a takeout coupon. When I went to pickup, the staff was very welcoming and friendly, and they had our order ready right away. In and out. The food was pretty good. I had a burger and curly fries. Husband got a cheesesteak and fries. I wanted to so badly give 5 stars, but unfortunately the hot cheetos on my husband

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Matt Nicholson



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Robert Davis


I can

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Ronald May



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Ann Arias-Cruz


Tired the steak hoagie it was alright. Just not what I was expecting.. the steak was more like hamburger texture, I was expecting more like roast beef... I

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Nathan Rose


Their Big Poppa cheesesteak is a satisfying choice, loaded with tender steak, grilled peppers, and melted cheese. The portion size was generous and left me feeling full. Their custard shakes are a great addition to the meal, creamy and refreshing. The service was okay, but the staff could have been more attentive. The ambiance was cozy, making it suitable for a family dinner or casual get-together. Lefty

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Arthur Alden

cheesesteak hoagie


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Jeff Ingalls

cheesesteak shop

Outstanding little shop. My wife and I have driven the four hours to Livonia just to get a cheesesteak, then planning the rest of the trip around eating.

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